Technological innovation proposed in CEREAL project is to reduce energy and water use in the whole production chain from raw material to consumption. Sustainability is not only addressed by ensuring a lower impact in terms of water and energy consumption, but particularly in terms of chemical safety. One relevant criticism that can be formulated against the implementation of new treatment processes in the food sector is the lack of knowledge not only on the elimination of potential harmful contaminants but also the potential generation of toxic by-products. Development of innovative and efficient systems in CEREAL gives additional value to fresh-cut products which critically depend on packaging technology, within a context of eco-efficiency production, as the amount of raw polymers as well as wastage will be reduced and residues from food processing will be exploited to produce by-products (nanocellulose).



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research and technological development.

Project Details
Total cost: 2.679.791 €
Project Identifier: CEREAL
Duration: 01/08/2014- 01/08/2017